Carrie Anderson

Hi my name is Carrie Anderson, I am married to an amazing and supportive husband Dan, we have 3 amazing kids!  Our twin daughter's Brittni and Briauna are 23 and our son Adam is 15. So a little about me.. I have struggled with weight issues my whole life. In the past 3 years I have lost quite a bit of weight, by changing my diet and in the last year lifting weights. I had lost some inches but not nearly as much as I have wanted too.  My main concern has always been my stomach. After 23 years with 2 pregnancies. I have struggled a lot with it. C-sections take a huge toll on your stomach for one. I came across this company on Facebook through my son't teacher's page. After seeing all her amazing results. I had to get my hands on it. The crazy wraps she was talking about were exactly that! AMAZING!!  I was blown away from using the first wrap and really blown away by the second. It has changed my life! The It Works products are all natural and THEY DO WORK!! Also our amazing Greens have helped me so much. I have eliminated everything out of my medicine cabinet, I have never felt this healthy! I am so excited about this company! If any of you are interested in knowing more or would like to join me on this journey, contact me! I am telling you these products are blowing me away! If you have areas that you want tone up, arms, belly, back, hips, etc. if you have skin issues, stretch marks, hair loss or want longer thicker hair, weight issues, loose skin, definition, bags under your eyes or want fuller lips, your fruits and veggies, need some energy? You name it they have something for you! Inbox me! Let's get healthy together!!

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